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About Us

Who We Are

Global Orient Tours (GOT) is an Egyptian travel agency located in the country’s busiest city, Cairo.

We specialize in Egyptian tours, and also cater to some of the world’s coziest locations.

With experience since 1979 and a dedicated and professional staff, we can provide you with several options in your travel plans - whether you’re going for a budget-friendly trip, a wild adventure, or a chilled out honeymoon.

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Our main company objectives to offer excellent quality service with care. Our programs can be tailored to satisfy our customers and clients.

Our Tours

Head on over to our tours page to get a variety of travel plans. Decide your next vacation based on continent, experience, or finances. Like the trip, but want to tweak it to your own taste of perfection? Then just hit the message us button and we’ll let you know what we could do for you!


Cars & Transportation

GOT can rent you a car or a minivan in several locations in Egypt. If your bus driver called-in sick on your day back to the city, or if you need a van to take a group to several museums around Cairo, then fret no more.

If you book a travel package with us, we also make sure that you’re covered for transfer from the airport to your destined hotel. We gotchu!


Our In-House Flight Service

Booking flights can be a hassle, what with checking different platforms and making sure that no one else snatches the ticket you have eyes on. At GOT, we’ve got an in-house flight booking system that could get you the best prices! Our staff can also recommend alternative roots or cities that could be more compelling and convenient for you.


Our Certifications & Activities


Tourist Link

Touristlink is an online community of frequent travelers and small travel providers. A virtual hub for travelers to get connected with each other.


International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Access to 250+ IATA airline members and sell international & domestic tickets.


Japan Association of Travel Agents

A member of JATA

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